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Minimal Architects Team


Studio MINIMAL ARCHITECTS was founded by a team consisting of Pavel Strejček, Simona Strejčková, and Lukáš Bravenec. We have a close collaboration with MINIMAL DESIGN, founded by Lukáš Bravenec and based in New Zealand. From New Zealand, we have gained valuable experience in the field of timber construction design and implementation. This synergistic collaboration allows us to bring inspiration and utilize proven practices from the international environment.

We have been operating in the international arena for almost ten years. We have completed projects and cooperated with clients not only from the Czech Republic and New Zealand but also from Poland, Austria, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia. We are fluent in English and German and are capable of working on architectural studies and project documentation in these languages as well.

For the execution of all our projects, we use high-quality 3D software, and besides creating traditional 3D visualizations, we offer animations and the opportunity to experience one's own design in 3D. We are convinced that in the near future, we will be able to provide full virtual reality experiences, and we are prepared for the significant transformation this field, combined with AI, will undergo in the coming years.


Ing. Pavel Strejček

Managing Director

Pavel is an expert specializing in the meticulous handling of technical documentation. As the chief engineer of the project, he ensures the proper resolution of all technical aspects of buildings in accordance with relevant standards. He pursued studies in project management and engineering at CTU (Czech Technical University) and, in addition to the technical aspects, he also handles the financial aspects of projects. This includes preparing bill of quantities and budget controls.

+420 732 441 694

Ing. architect Simona Strejčková

Architecture and design

Simona is dedicated to creating architectural studies and interior design documentation that reflects the individuality of clients and the specific characteristics of the given place or space. She also contributes to the processing of project documentation. She enjoys exploring new approaches and methods in modern architecture, as well as creating visualizations and animations. She completed her studies at the Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague, specializing in Architecture and Urbanism, and spent a semester at Bauhaus University in Weimar.

+420 607 706 616


Bc. Lukáš Bravenec

Architecture and design

Lukáš founded MINIMAL DESIGN studio in Wanaka, New Zealand, in 2017, with which MINIMAL ARCHITECTS have been collaborating on international architectural projects for a long time. He is passionate about low-energy architectural practices, simplifying design, and utilizing technologies to enhance visualizations and animations. His professional interest lies particularly in tiny houses and various other portable building solutions. His role primarily involves client communication and exploring new architectural opportunities. He studied Architecture and Construction at the Technical University of Ostrava.

+420 773 732 186

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